Hill Engineering emerged during the 1990s as the world leader in high power diode switch and limiter technology. Comtech PST, a subsidiary of Comtech Telecommunications (NASDAQ:CMTL) acquired Hill in 2001 to complement its high power product line. As a division of Comtech PST, we have grown into the industry’s largest volume producer of high power diode switches.

We design develop and produce switches, limiters, receiver protectors, and other custom modules that utilize our core “high power” expertise. Our typical customer is a defense systems prime contractor specializing in technological innovation. We provide "white paper" service as a proposal partner, applications engineering assistance, design, development, qualification and high volume series production of custom high power control modules. Ongoing customer support includes field engineering and repair services.

Companies are people. Our best asset is our team of highly experienced staff, many of which have worked together for 20+ years, continuously refining and honing the skill sets required to maintain our position as the world leader in high power diode control devices.

Our proudest accomplishment is the ever growing list of performance awards we receive from U.S. and friendly nation defense prime contractors.

Located in Topsfield Massachusetts, Hill Engineering occupies an 8,000 sq foot secure facility.


Our policy is to provide products and services that always meet or exceed our customer’s requirements. Our work environment encourages continuous improvement in all phases of our dealings. Our goal is to be the most favored vendor of each customer. Comtech PST- Hill division is registered to ISO 9001:2008.


  • Defense Contractors
  • U.S Department of Defense
  • Friendly foreign MODs and DSOs
  • Scientific and Medical OEMs


  • Airborne, shipboard and ground based radar systems
  • Communication and jamming systems
  • Improvised explosive device detection/jamming
  • EW, ECM, ELINT systems
  • Convoy Protection
  • Tactical jamming
  • NMR/MRI scan systems

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